Spacious city villa on the Alster

The charming villa has been renovated to a high standard and exclusively furnished.

The house -with a size of approximately 1000m2- was divided into three residential units. In addition, there was a basement and an attic. The property also included a large garden with direct and private access to the Alster.

For a family of six, the house was to be converted into a spacious single-family home. In order to meet the needs of the family, I roughly divided the house into two central points: the first area includes living & working and the second area is for sleeping.

I wanted to design the living area on the ground floor to be open and free. The kitchen, the living room and the playroom should then merge one into another and still represent recognizable individual rooms. In addition, looking from the entrance area through the glass elevator, the kitchen and finally to the large window front to the garden, you can have a direct connection to the special feature of this property: the direct water access. This continuous flight is accompanied by twelve-meter-long wooden floorboards.

The heart of the house is the living area. The large area made it possible to remove the ceiling in the kitchen and thus create a particularly spacious room. I continued this idea to the eight-meter-high window in the front, consisting of black steel frames. The eight-meter-high birch trees highlight the sense of space. This not only completes the room but also gives a lot of light and freedom for wide views, which also connects the garden with the living area.

A staircase along the wall leads to the first floor. In here, there are a gallery, two connected large study rooms and a media room. With this staircase I created a direct connection between work and everyday family life. The large kitchen cupboard is integrated into a wooden element that stretches from the kitchen to the living room. On one side there is a closet, on the other side, there is a TV with an accompanying sofa and a living room.

Classically, in Hamburg city villas there is a dining room. I have omitted it here. On the one hand, because the dining table in the kitchen gives enough space. But on the other hand, because I have planned a playroom for the children. Here the ulterior motive is that the activities of the children are in the same level as the rest of the rooms for the everyday life. So there is one room for each purpose, but you still stay together on one level.
The second floor contained the children’s rooms and two large bathrooms. The attic was intended as a separate level for the parents. There was still the possibility to design a small fitness room due to the large amount of space.
In addition to the garage, I have integrated various storage rooms, the utility room, and a guest room with an additional bathroom in the basement.

I also wanted to incorporate a loft-like style into this house. That can be seen best, for instance, in the stairwell, which stretches across all floors. The stairs were made with Pandomo (concrete appearance) and I redesigned the railing using a combination of black steel, which can also be found everywhere in the house as a door or window element. The inside of the wall has been knocked free to show off the old red brick.