Old form. New details.

Fantastic city villa with water access.
Elegant, very modern, and extensively renovated.

The house -with a size of 620m2 approximately- was divided into three residential units. In addition, there was a basement. The property also included a garden with direct and private access to the water.

The house has the perfect sun orientation. The afternoon sun shines directly into the garden and, weather permitting, the sunset can be seen every evening. A fantastically beautiful place.

It was intended to transfer a holiday-like feeling to the house and to create a place for a large family. That means: many children’s rooms, bedrooms, retreats, offices, privacy for the adults, fitness, sauna, cinema, closet room… Everything in a bohemian style, and at the same time cool, casual, and chilled.

The remodelling took place using different materials such as concrete, steel, wicker, stone, wood, glass, bamboo, antique and modern furniture, and international accessories.

The kitchen is the central point of contact for the family and is connected to the living room. However, I have considered that this area can also be separated into individual rooms so it can be open and private at the same time.

The second living room and the library is a conservatory. The style was taken as an idea by the neighbour’s bamboo and converted into a bamboo room. The conservatory has thus been transformed into a green oasis of calm.

The garden was designed both for the children as a leisure paradise and as a perfect place to relax with a holiday feeling for the adults. Therefore, every generation can fully enjoy the garden with direct access to the water.

In addition, the former garage with its hidden storage facilities has been converted into a cinema, offering fun for all. To don’t neglect sports a small fitness room was integrated into the city villa, which was equipped with mirrors and thus appears even larger.