Britta Becker designs homes, spaces, home accessories and fashion that embody the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.
Whether through the homes, spaces designed by Britta Becker Studio or the products of her lifestyle brand Twelve by Britta Becker, she wants people to feel comfortable and at home every day, everywhere. Cozy comfort.


Britta Becker is a former world field hockey champion who has been building homes for a long time and became an interior designer and creative director.
After the Hamburg-based choice announced her retirement from the German national team in 2004 – after 231 international games and an Olympic silver medal – she used her drive, dedication and love of aesthetics to launch a new career: Houses, interior architecture and design.
That was the beginning of Britta Becker Studio, an architecture and interior design studio that later led her to found the lifestyle brand Twelve by Britta Becker.


Twelve by Britta Becker is a lifestyle brand that designs home accessories and fashion, with the main goal of making people feel comfortable and at home every day, everywhere. Cozy comfort for everyone and everywhere.

Twelve by Britta Becker is the natural continuation of Britta Becker Studio: a project that translates Britta Becker’s imagination and love for aesthetics into tangible things. Britta Becker draws inspiration for Twelve from her many travels and her love of photography and aesthetics. All Twelve items are designed to last. They are made of high-quality materials and are ethically produced in Portugal and Italy.
Trivia: The number 12, which gives the brand its name and appears as a logo on most items, was the number Britta Becker wore on the back of her jersey when she was a professional field hockey player. It was the constant in the rapid change of places and games.
Britta: “When you quit one day, you leave something behind with your number and your name that stays. That is also the goal of my profession today. That’s why I took the twelve with me.”